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How to Get Your Clearest, Most Natural Hearing from Oticon Hearing Aids

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How Do We Guarantee You the Clearest, Most Natural Sound from Oticon Hearing Aids?

Our secret is in the testing and fine-tuning

If you've already had your hearing tested, your sensitivity to sound was measured within 5 decibels (5dB) of accuracy. That's the audiology standard and it works well but we take it a step further...

When you're spending thousands of dollars for high performance hearing aids, you should insist on getting the best results possible.

That's where we come in.

We test your hearing within 1 decibel (1 dB) of accuracy rather than 5 db. This measures your hearing 20% more accurately than a standard test and it allows us to fine-tune your Oticon hearing aids to a higher standard.

What is a decibel?

Zero decibels (0 dB) is the quietest sound audible to a healthy human ear. From there, every increase of 3 dB represents a doubling of sound intensity, or acoustic power. Can you imagine the difference that 5 dB makes?

When you wear hearing aids, even 1 little dB can mean the difference between hearing clearly and comfortably or cringing with discomfort every time somebody puts a cup down on the table or shuffles a newspaper. 

If you've ever heard somebody complaining about hearing aids being noisy and uncomfortable, it's likely because the hearing aids weren't tuned properly.​

When your hearing aids are programmed using our AFT process, your sounds are personalized to your exact needs, with an emphasis on comfort, clarity, and preferences for how you like to hear in your specific situations.

If you want to try Oticon hearing aids, here's why you should let us handle everything for you:

  • We are the only hearing clinic in Canada that specializes exclusively in treating *high-frequency hearing loss.
  • Your hearing will be tested 20% more accurately for fitting hearing aids because we test within 1 db of accuracy instead of the standard 5 dB.
  • We are an authorized provider of Oticon hearing aids and we have advanced training on their latest hearing aid technology and software.

*High Frequency Hearing Loss: When you can hear but have trouble hearing in noise or speech sounds muffled - like people are mumbling... you're probably not hearing high frequencies (or treble) like you used to.

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I am now able to hear birds again to the same degree as my birding friends that still have their hearing intact.

Dr. Walter Amman
Burnaby, BC​

Your entire approach makes me feel like I’m in a valued customer who is in competent, good hands!

Mary Miller
Surrey, BC

I can now look forward to socializing in a crowd without guessing what people are saying!

Dr. Ron Melnyk
Burnaby, BC

No longer in the back now! I’m not missing out, I’m happy!

Sylvia Peterson
Vancouver, BC

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Save $540 on a Pair of Premium Oticon Opn™ Hearing Aids
(Offer Expires End of Day - May 31, 2017)